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How To Sell Your Pop Beats (3 Ways)

So you have a hard drive full of kick ass pop tracks, but what’s next? Learn how to sell your pop beats.

If you’re like us… The goal is to eventually sell your beats and get the in the hands of the right users. There are a few ways to go about this. You can sell your pop beats outright or license them and earn recurring income from each beat. Let’s take a look a few different ways for you to sell your pop beats.

Beat Marketplaces Like Anthemize.com

Where are pop artists buying beats? They are looking on YouTube, Soundcloud, and most likely… beat marketplaces. Beat marketplaces allow the user to filter, search, and find the perfect track for their next album. They get to choose from many different sub-genres from various producers. Typically, the profit from the purchase is split between the marketplace and you, the producer. In most cases the marketplace is licensing the use of the beat to the end user. This means that you can make recurring income off of the same beat.

Let’s do some math…

Let’s say that you have been commissioned to make a pop beat for $500. Hey not bad! Perhaps you may even get some royalties if the artist can sell.

In most cases that $500 and some change is all that you’ll get.

But check out the licensing model…

Lets say that you make $25 / license and sell an average of 8 licenses (on that song) per month. Now you’re making $2,400 / year on that one beat. Pretty cool, huh?

Anthemize is a beat marketplace that caters specifically to the pop music market. You can contact them and submit your beats for review. If they are a fit then it’s easy to get set up and selling!

Licensing Your Pop Beats For Media Use

Another recurring income potential is licensing your pop beats for the use in media. This could be something as big as an in-show TV placement (your beat behind played behind your favorite reality trash TV) or as small as a personal media licensing… someone making a video for film school. License fees for these types of projects can range anywhere from $25 to thousands.

Pop music instrumentals are extremely popular right now for media so that time is right to explore this option. There is a “format” to it that is slightly different from the format you may use for an “artist release” version, but we’ll have to dedicate another blog post to teaching that.

We recommend that you start small and try out your tracks on a website like Audio Jungle.

Direct To Artist (Indie)

The final way to sell your pop beats may sound obvious, but it’s a great place to start and usually shows a return much quicker. Building any recurring income model isn’t something that happens over night despite what the e-books tell you.

Try leveraging your pop beats to get more commissioned work. Commissioned work = when an artist contacts you to personally create a beat for their song. Your beat catalog can serve as a wonderful portfolio. In some cases, they may offer to simply buy one of the beats that you have already made. In other cases, it will just get them excited about working with you. When you send a few beats to an artist you can mention to them that you’d be happy to just customize one for them to try out. This gives them an opportunity to check out your customer service and increases the chance that they will buy it. It will feel like it’s already theirs.

So where do you find pop artists to send beats to? Well, fortunately… Pop artists have to promote themselves so they are pretty easy to find. Shoot them a compliment, get a conversation going, and then ask them for permission to send over some of your work. Never spam them!

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The Pop Music Theory Behind Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” [VIDEO]



We recently came across a great channel for music theory. Dean Olivet brings a humorous personality to whiteboard tutorials. In this video he breaks down the music theory behind Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. Check it out along with his other pop music theory videos.

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Pop Vocal Production Tutorial For Dark Alt-RnB [VIDEO]


In this Make Pop Music video tutorial we show you how we processed the vocals for Nashville pop artist Tony B’s “Faded Dreams”.

Track produced by Christian Fiore from The Songwriting Team

In this video we do a walkthrough of a track inspired by indie pop, ambient, and alternative R&B. We show pitch and reverb automation techniques and wild delay effects using valhalla frequency echo. If you are a music producer and want to make cool sounding vocal tracks for modern production then this was made for you. It’s loaded with tricks and tips!

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3 Pop Vocal Mixing Video Lessons From Mixnotes

Jonathan Roye is a platinum mixing engineer who runs the YouTube channel (and soon to be education platform) Mixnotes TV. We’ve combed through his videos to bring you 3 of our favorites. It’s hard to argue against the fact that vocals are the usually the most important part of a pop song. Here are 3 video tutorials where Jonathan shows his signal chain, favorite plugins, and strategy for mixing pop vocals:

Mixing Pop Vocals! UAD AMS Reverb UAS Helios EQ, Fabfilter ProQ2

Mixing Vocals! – Pop Music – Sound Toys Decapitator / Phasemistress / CLA76

Mixing Pop Vocals – Waves CLA76, Waves CLA2A

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Making Your Own Risers With Valhalla FreqEcho [Free Plugin!]

Transitions and risers are important details to any pop production, but by now you’re probably sick of all of the stock-ass risers that come in most sample packs. In this video tutorial we’ll show you how to quickly make your own!

For this lesson we’ll use a really killer plugin called FreqEcho by Valhalla. It’s also free by the way!


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