Anthemize. The beat marketplace for modern pop musicians is the first curated beat marketplace specifically for modern pop music creators. The elegant custom- built user interface let’s you quickly find your anthem! How? Filter by artist influence, vocal key, tempo, mood, sub-genres, and more. Personalize your experience and find a track that will elevate your music brand.

Anthemize tracks are handcrafted by upcoming independent pop producers each with their own style. We have a 100% no cheese policy. We carefully select producers who we feel have a cutting edge sound that is the future of pop music production.

Our licensing is easy! Every track is $50 and includes everything: multi-tracks, high resolution wav mix, etc. Our “do whatever you want” policy allows you to essentially do whatever you want with the tracks without limitation! Write a song, sell it, chop it up for loops, re-arrange it, re-write it, practice mixing, sync it, and so on… Literally whatever you want to do with it. Enjoy!