(Formerly Woodshed Audio) 


Rudiments is a huge collection of our favorite drums recorded through high-end class A gear in a Carl Tatz designed studio here in Nashville, TN. This pack gives you 6 kick drums, 13 snare drums and 28 Toms. The drums cover everything from modern to vintage with a wide variety of tunings. Dead / Open / Ringy / Splatty / Crunchy and more! Looking for mallets? Oh yeah. We’ve sampled that too.

The pack is multi-layered like most of our drum samples. Giving you the power to blend room mics with natural sounds to change the depth and feel. Whether you’re a songwriter working up demos or a mixer looking for some sounds to enhance a performance these drum samples will add all the flavor you’re looking for.

  • High Resolution WAV Files
  • Completely Royalty Free
  • Compatible with all DAW Software and Samplers
  • 100% Original… Made With Love
  • Mixed by Platinum mixing engineer Jonathan Roye in Nashville, TN
  • 6 kick drums, 13 snare drums and 28 Toms – Multi-layered (dry, room, etc.)

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